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More Than a Breeze: NYC's Unusual Storm

An early-evening storm on a Thursday in September in New York City astonished practically everyone in the area - especially those who experienced the strange weather occurrence up-close. I was traveling on a Queens bus when the storm blew through a number of communities at 5:40 p.m., at the start of rush hour, knocking down trees and crushing cars on many blocks. Read my essay and view a series of color photographs taken in one Queens neighborhood during the three hours that followed this brief but unusual storm. 

AIPAD's The Photography Show

The idea of photographing people looking at photographs of other people - or looking at landscapes, or still lifes, or any other subject - seemed appealing.
Enough at least to invest the nine hours I spent over two days at The Photography Show, an almost unprecedented opportunity held each year in NYC, where attendees have a chance to experience photography of all genres and purchase prints for their collections, large or small. I wanted to observe, in concentrated form, the nexus of people and photographic art. How do people interact with photography? What do they "like" or care about?

Israel Photographs 1983-2008

A new photo essay with photographs spanning 25 years of Israel's existence. It was in Israel that I discovered photography. During my year abroad I experienced a new place. I had brought with me a Yashica 5-Star, a point-and-shoot camera with a fixed wide-angle lens, maybe 10 rolls of film, and also my curiosity. Combine innate curiosity with a new experience and it's a good mix.

City Stories: NYC Photographs

In this interview, I discuss some of my New York City photographs that were exhibited in 2007 at The City Reliquary, a neighborhood museum in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There were 37 images on display, which included local scenes as well as some of the grand vistas offered by this great city. One image in particular, City from Above Looking South, provides a rather rare view of Northern Manhattan, Harlem, and  some distant skyscrapers of note. It was taken from the 16th floor of the tallest building in Washington Heights, which is located in Northern Manhattan.
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