Judah S. Harris Photography + Film

If your company or organization - by providing an important product or service - is making a difference in the lives of  10 people, 100 people, an entire city, or the entire world... others need to know about it.

Your marketing, advertising, and corporate communications efforts can all benefit from strong narrative photography and promotional film, to best publicize the good things you are doing for your customers and for the community. I believe that every single company and organization has a story to tell - and an audience waiting to hear it told well.

As a creative photographer and filmmaker, I have shared my vision with a wide range of companies and non-profits, in the US and Internationally.
I will work with you to translate your story into effective visual marketing products and materials.

Call me today, if you are in the market for:
  • a 6-8 minute promotional film
  • an interactive DVD
  • a multi-paneled photographic display exhibit (for trade shows and conferences, and corporate office decor)
  • a keepsake souvenir booklet
  • email marketing and online surveys
We'll discuss ways to successfully reach your audience, secure their trust  and support, and both inform and entertain them at the same time.

It's your story, told better!

Judah S. Harris 

Phone: (718) 380-7945  l  Email: judah@judahsharris.com  l  Web: www.judahsharris.com

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