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An accomplished visual artist, educator, writer, and inspiring public speaker, Judah S. Harris photographs Jewish life and the human experience. He creates visual marketing products for corporate and organizational clients, offers email marketing consulting, and provides photography and video for weddings, bar and bas mitzvahs and other important events and celebrations.

Judah S. Harris consistently impresses people with the exceptional quality of his event photography. Visit his event photography gallery and see what people talk about.

Judah's work has been widely published in advertising, on the covers of more than 40 novels, and on the Op-Ed Pages of The NY Times, and has also been exhibited in galleries and museums. His essays and expressed thoughts have appeared in many publications, including The Forward, The Jewish Press, Mishpacha, The Jewish Star, and AMIT magazine, and circulated to tens of thousands via the internet. His published pieces include a leading essay on the documentary Paper Clips, a hilarious satire Purim-time, titled "OU Bans Shul Candymen", an article on Avital Sharansky on the 20th anniversary of her husband's release, an in-depth piece on legendary Bible teacher Nechama Leibowitz, and inspirational essays relating to Purim, Pesach, Tisha B'Av, and Sukkot.   

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